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Why aren't we like any other photolab? Well, we're glad you asked.

Our recent purchase of a brand new photo processing mini-lab not only continued our tradition of quality, but set us up as one of the most advanced photolabs in the region.

Many labs use automated processes that allow the computer to color correct your photos, and some labs don't provide any color correction at all! The results can be less than desirable. We always color correct each photo by hand to ensure the best possible print.

We only use premium Kodak® and Epson® papers. Many labs use low-grade papers that bend and fade easily. Our paper looks better and will hold up over time. We guarantee our customers a quality print that will last 100+ years.

Because we use only premium papers and chemicals we can boast about our life-like color and stunning image quality. Many labs don't use these high quality products and the results can be very obvious.

one-hour service
We have never been afraid to take on a challenge, that's why we are one of the only photolabs in the region to provide one-hour service through our website. Order your photos now and pick them up in an hour, or the next time you're in the store.

15 free prints
The proof is in the pudding. We're pretty confident that you'll like our work and we are willing to prove it to you. When you sign-up for an account we will give you 15 free prints and a guarantee. You won't be disappointed.

Offer Details
This offer is open to new members only. The first 15, 4x6 or 3 1/2x5 prints ordered per user off this website will automatically have this offer credited to the order. Any shipping and handling fees will be an additional charge. The offer may not be transferred to photo greeting cards or any other merchandise in the photolab store. It is good for 15, 4x6 or 3 1/2x5 photos only. The purchaser may choose to order additional prints and merchandise in the same transaction as this offer. Beulah Drug reserves the right to cancel or suspend this offer at any time. Offer limited to one person per household

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Ordering digital photos from Beulah Drug has never been easier. You can order online, at our in-store kiosk, or from one of the friendly gals at our main counter.

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We offer so much more than just prints. Read more.

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