| history of beulah drug

In 1929, pharmacist Theo Herman built the original 25' x 70' brick structure which still makes up part of the current Beulah Drug. Prior to this construction, there was another wood frame structure in place. To start construction, they moved this building out to the middle of the street. This way, Beulah Drug could still operate as a store in the old building, while a new store was being built. After moving the prior building, they began work by digging a basement for the store. They actually dug the basement by attaching scrapers to horses to manually dig out the basement. Upon completion of this first task, they needed to put a heating unit into the basement to supply heat to the future store. Theo chose a Case steam engine to be the supplier of the heat. Case steam engines were coal powered and used as tractors in that day. To get the large unit into the basement, it was actually driven on its wheels down and into the basement where it still is to this day.

Of particular appeal to the community was the beautiful old-fashioned Soda Fountain that Theo put into the original store. Although it no longer is at Beulah Drug, it is still in full use at Soda Falls, a soda fountain and coffee bar restaurant at the back of a gift store, in Sioux Falls, SD.

In 1977, after 48 years of ownership, Theo passed away and his son, Jerome Herman, assumed ownership of the store. Jerome remodeled and added on to the original store in 1978 by including the space of the neighboring building. The store remained this size for 19 years. At the time of this remodeling, the soda fountain was removed.

In 1979, Dave Just purchased Beulah Drug from Jerome Herman. Dave is still the current owner of Beulah Drug. Through almost three decades of Dave's ownership, the store has undergone even more and many changes. In 1997 Dave added on to the drugstore to make it the size it is today. When he remodeled this time, he put a new heating system into the store that replaced the old Case steam engine. Since his ownership, Dave has installed a photolab which he keeps up to date with changing trends and advances in photography. He has also introduced Hallmark greeting cards to the store, grown both the gift and health aids sections sizably, and currently has 15 employees (compared to his 2 employees when he first took ownership).

Beulah Drug is committed to serving the health needs of the community by offering a full range of health aids and seeking to treat customers with care and respect. The people of Beulah Drug proudly stand by the store's philosophy: Committed. Caring. Serving. This is Beulah Drug.